Deltik    2014-10-26 01:41:36 GMT-5
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New content will be now be hosted in-house on Deltik's server.

If you browse this site… well, I'm surprised, since the activity on this site is as dead as some of the links on it.
In all seriousness, if you browse this site, you might notice some dead links.  Some of them are images.
New Links 
One of the things I like the least about the Internet is dead links, and I will begin my part to prevent them.  Starting today, all new content will be hosted in-house at Deltik, especially now that we have much larger server resources than when we first started out on 31 March 2008.  Content may be served by a third-party content distribution network, but it will all originate from right here, at
Existing Links
The main reason that I'm not replacing links that are currently on the site, especially the dead ones, is that I don't have their original sources.  Many of them might be on some scattered backups that I can't find, or they might have been lost forever (which is difficult to believe on the Internet, isn't it?).  Over time, I intend to replace all current media that I've uploaded with sources hosted here at Deltik.

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