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Meebo Messenger and Log2Log v1.x are reaching the ends of their lives.

Meebo Messenger is going away, and so is the
Chat Log Converter v1.x branch.

Google has acquired Meebo, so Meebo Messenger is closing down.  On 23 June 2012, Deltik pushed out an update, Log2Log v1.0.1—the last in the v1.x branch.  Log2Log v1.x has succeeded in it's original goal to convert Meebo chat logs, but due to very poor programming practices, Log2Log v1.x can no longer be supported.
The Log2Log v1.x branch has been deprecated. This is the final release of Log2Log v1.x (v1.0.1) as of 23 June 2012. You may ask for a custom-built release; Deltik will help you support new format converters if you ask.
What Went Wrong
Unfortunately, the only active developer on the Log2Log team (Deltik) is a really bad computer programmer, and he ruined the v1.x branch.  The program is:
  • ugly (poor coding practices),
  • inflexible (no foreign language support),
  • inextensible (no plugin support),
  • bulky (unoptimized), and
  • leaky (no memory management).

Log2Log v2.x?
A Log2Log v2.x branch is planned, but there are not enough human resources to make the project possible.

Version 2 shall:
  • improve memory management drastically,
  • take advantage of multiple threads (GUI, reading source data, converting to destination format, saving converted data),
  • have multilingual support, and
  • have format converters in a modular plug-in design.
I've talked about Loguntu before...
The Loguntu project might also be started along with Log2Log v2.x.  Loguntu is planned to be the ultimate digital life interface for all personal data.  It looks really awesome on paper, but guess what?  Nobody cares.


Nobody even noticed that Deltik turned 4 years old on 31 March 2012... and the post from Deltik's 3rd birthday is not many posts away from this one... :(

Supporting Loguntu and Log2Log v2.x
If you're interested in the Loguntu project or seeing the Log2Log project go further, just let us know at  (The link works as of 23 June 2012. I'll try to keep it up for a while.)  UPDATE 04 July 2012: I bought the domain name LOGUNTU.COM, mm-kay? :P

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