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Log2Log needs to be redesigned to be able to perform well. Even though it passed our stress tests, our tests were not intensive enough.

Deltik does not know
what to put in the center
this time.

The Problem
Log2Log is programmed in PHP, a language that is not optimized for Log2Log's purpose. PHP isn't designed to handle files, especially not large and plentiful ones.

The Solution
In the end, the best solution is to port Log2Log to a multiplatform desktop software.

  • safer — As desktop software, your sensitive data such as chat logs will no longer need to be sent insecurely over the Internet. Your data sticks with you, and Internet access is only needed for Log2Log services such as MeeboConnect or Loguntu.
  • faster — Information doesn't need to be sent through the Internet to be processed by PHP. Instead, it'll all be done on your computer.
  • more reliable — No more relying on an online service, which could go down at any time. With Log2Log as desktop software, it'll be ready when you are.
  • convenient — Instead of going to a webpage, Log2Log would conveniently be a desktop application.
  • accessible — Log2Log would be right there on your computer, ready for you at all times.
  • There are disadvantages? O_o

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Hey Matt,
Yeesh, I didn't mean to make you rant like that.
In response to your blog post,
They had a script driving up the server load consistently for about 5 minutes to 2.00+
(That would be Log2Log v0.0.1a4.)

... I overhaul the Log2Log project and start anew with the solution specified above.

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