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MuSeSPinger, our oldest project, gets reloaded in an all-new contraption!

Our oldest project
gets a major upgrade!
Huh? What's MuSeSPinger?
MuSeSPinger stands for Multiple Server Status Pinger. You can check websites to see if they are online or offline by the masses.?

Why We Made MuSeSPinger
Wa-a-ay back in 2008, Deltik was hosted on a webhost called IsMyWebsite. IsMyWebsite was a unique webhost in that it had 16 servers called nodes. The nodes hosted different websites. We created a tool called IsMyWebsite Node Status Checker (IMWNSC), which was a hard-coded system that checked the status of all the nodes.

Over time, IMWNSC evolved from its narrow purpose into MuSeSPinger. MuSeSPinger was then improved and expanded.

The First of Its Kind
You may think that we have reinvented the wheel because there are plenty of other services that check to see whether a website is online like Down For Everyone Or Just Me? and
MuSeSPinger is the first and only service that can:
  • check multiple URLs at the same time,
  • render an image that shows the status of multiple URLs, and
  • use a mirror network to check multiple URLs.
In addition to those unique core features, MuSeSPinger has:
  • a streamlined interface,
  • its source code available to anyone,
  • three different methods of checking URLs,
  • a user-friendly administration control panel, and
  • almost three years of dedicated support from Deltik.

What's New?
See the changelog for yourself!
Or if you're too lazy:
3.0.0 (2011/05/20)
  - NEW: Completely rewritten
  - NEW: Redesigned interface
  - NEW: cURL and file_get_contents for server status checking
  - NEW: MuSeSPinger network for worldwide server status checking
  - NEW: Option to render without the network: "Work Locally"
  - NEW: Status icons for "online with problems" and "status unavailable"
  - NEW: No JavaScript compatibility
  - NEW: "Report Problem" link
  - NEW: Administration control center for modifying configuration
  - NEW: Fetch MuSeSPinger news from Deltik
  - MOD: URL input uses line breaks instead of spaces.
  - MOD: Remade status icons
  - MOD: Foreign language support removed
  - MOD: Automatic update system removed
  - MOD: 'update' directory re-purposed to MuSeSPinger news
  - MOD: Implemented GNU GPL License


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