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The Deltik Website turns 3 years old! We celebrate with changes to make an all-new Deltik! :D

On 31 March 2011, Deltik turned
years old!


Deltik History in a Nutshell
The concept of Deltik was formulated on 31 March 2008 at 11:18 AM CDT. It was called DELTA Burnt Programming, later to be known as DELTA Burnt, then Delta Burnt, then DelTIk, then Deltik. Delta Burnt was a non-profit Texas Instruments graphing calculator programming group.
The DELTA Burnt Website began to be created on 01 April 2008 and was finally set up on 08 April 2008.

On 07 April 2008, DELTA Burnt became Delta Burnt, which was a non-profit programming, gaming, and graphics design team.
At the beginning of June 2008, Delta Burnt became DelTIk. The name DelTIk was a portmanteau of Delta, TI, and a k for "calculator".
By the next month, July 2008, DelTIk lost its capitalization of "TI" as development on Texas Instruments calculators stopped and became Deltik.

For the first year of Deltik's life, it was extremely unstable. In the end, Deltik collapsed in May 2009 along with their fourth webhost, The Web World. Internal conflict and poor management led to the ruin of Deltik.

For the second year of Deltik's life, it was just another region of the Internet. Deltik served no purpose that year and was used primarily to host miscellaneous test scripts.

Plans to rennovate Deltik were made on 04 February 2011 and were carried out thusly. The goal was to deploy a completely redesigned Deltik by 31 March 2011, its third birthday anniversary.

What's New

1. We Have A Direction
Deltik is a place where creative minds like you think up and make computer programs, Web scripts, or other unique and awesome stuff that nobody has ever thought of before.

2. New Management
Deltik is now operated by people of the right ilk. No more internal conflict nor aimless struggling!

3. Community Restarted
The general public of Deltik has been pruned and restarted. The majority shall no longer have eccentric people!

4. I Want It My Way
To start off Deltik, I want to take charge of exactly how I want things to work. I have taken to my own custom development work, unlike previously, where complete strangers were asked to make something vague.
There is now a site theme that I have redesigned to look the way I want it to.

5. Organized Design
I have made a well-thought out layout of Deltik. Although some parts of the design are not favored by preliminary surveys, I feel that upon application, the design would be rather sturdy and somewhat flexible.
Deltik was built around the content management system e107, and even then, I have made sure to allow space to be able to pluck e107 out and put in something else in the future. The code was made to accommodate change.

6. Ready to Govern
Deltik now has an established Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy. With fair rules in place now, Deltik is prepared to handle non-compliance situations.

7. Starter Material
I have made and released my own creations, such as Chatbot Unified Graphical User Interface <>, Log2Log Chat Log Converter <>, Multiple Server Status Pinger <>, and PHP History Hider <>.
Deltik is a place where people can create novel things like the four listed above. Deltik is here to support user contributions of inventions.

8. New Focus
No longer is Deltik focused on internal conflict and selfishness. Deltik is now concerned about helping the users, whom are our bright inventors and idealists.

9. The New Webmaster
Me, Nick! Inspired by Dale Carnegie, I have become a much better person. I can handle complaints, avoid arguments, keep human communication satisfactory, think new thoughts, acquire new visions, and get things done better.

10. The All-New Deltik
Deltik's third birthday anniversary is on 31 March 2011. We've been around a long time, but it hadn't taken off in all that time... until now.
For Deltik's third year of life, it's time to start right this time! Let's go!

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