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Wow. We've been gone for over two months! So many changes have occured. Oh, how am I going so say them all???
  1. Development on the WYCTO CMS (Whatever You Can Think Of Content Management System) began on January 1, 2009. Live progress may be seen at
  2. Deltik is currently powered by e107. When WYCTO becomes self-supporting enough, live progress of the WYCTO CMS will be moved to the main Deltik website.
  3. There are lots of broken links on this website. We are striving to remove or correct them all.
  4. See the new dull logo I drew on GIMP in a few seconds?
  5. There are lots of junk on this website. It will be cleared.
  6. We are going Ad-Free (for now)
Thank you for your 2 months of patience.

A late "Happy New Year" to all from the Deltik team.
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