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This article provides a mirrored download to the Hyper-V Integration Services ISO for Windows NT 10.0 and newer.

Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows Server 2016 no longer include the Hyper-V Integration Services ISO, vmguest.iso.  The rationale behind this change is that the latest supported Windows and Linux operating systems provide their own Hyper-V integration.
This means that there is no built-in way to install Hyper-V Integration Services into legacy operating systems such as Windows XP (Windows Embedded POSReady 2009).
Fortunately, there is a direct download link mirror to the Hyper-V Integration Services 6.3.9300.16384 ISO, which came from Windows 8.1 / Windows Server 2012 R2.  You can download this file and mount it as a CD in your legacy Hyper-V guest to install Hyper-V Integration Services.
  • vmguest.iso, size: 27590656 bytes (27 MiB)
  • vmguest.iso, MD5: e36d4976a4fa8b38726670eb332c4fea
  • vmguest.iso, SHA1: 415d62038cf28c39af2ca63076a7df91a4524314
  • vmguest.iso, SHA256: d1037fd8e788ce8ed0df16ec21f057e74512d5b3d551cc9396c7ae95dccba10f

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