Deltik    2016-02-29 18:08:09 GMT-5
 None    Site Changes has added HTTPS support.

Hey, look! is running on HTTPS now, finally.
When people ask me about this website and why it looks so lame, I tell them that it's trapped in the past. looks almost the same as it did in 2008.
Well, I'm not changing how this site looks, except for the new lock icon in the address bar.  I've gone through the internal workings of this site and changed many of the hyperlinks to use HTTPS.  Not everything on is configured properly for HTTPS, though.
What's Not Covered by HTTPS
The only notable thing is that the domain is configured with wildcard subdomains (*, but I didn't buy a wildcard site certificate, which means that wildcard subdomains such as will only be valid over HTTP, though they do have an invalid HTTPS certificate installed.
What's Covered by HTTPS
  • – Redirects to
  • – This website
  • – My kind-of content distribution network (CDN) that I would actually turn into a CDN if I hosted sufficiently popular files
  • – I never finished this dumb-looking page showcasing Deltik products.
  • – A stalled/failed project for community-driven material on Deltik
  • – MediaWiki used to be running on here, but I never took care of it, and it got overrun by spam robots.  I haven't bothered to delete this site yet.

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