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Log2Log v1.0.4 was released on 17 March 2015 at

Log2Log v1.0.4 has been released, and here is a screenshot showcasing the new format converter:
Log2Log v1.0.4 Feature Showcase
(I know my French isn't perfect…)
New Features
  • Ability to convert to Windows Live Messenger chat logs
  • A slightly more readable incompatibility description box
  • The Pidgin source converter malfunctioned and gave zeroed timestamps due to poor programming practices combined with Qt framework updates.
  • The Windows Live Messenger default log path has been corrected.
Thank you Jennifer!  Jennifer contacted me requesting a converter from her Pidgin so that she could use them with Windows Live Messenger.
To make this possible, I needed to know the formula to generate Microsoft Passport numbers.  Thanks to Harry Parsonage's .NET application (Deltik mirror), this was possible.
Windows Live Messenger was discontinued a few years ago, and its usage is disabled by default, but there exists a significant community that wants to keep Windows Live Messenger alive.  At the time of writing, people can use Messenger Reviver to continue using Windows Live Messenger.
Though a new version of Log2Log v1.x has been released, it is running on limited support.  New format converters are being created only on demand.

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