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Deltik is proud to present...

Deltik is proud to present...
... a place where creative minds like you think up and make computer programs, Web scripts, or other unique and awesome stuff that nobody has ever thought of before.

Mission Statement
Deltik is commited to provide quality benefit to the world with what we have.  It is our mission to support the brilliant inventors who stumble upon here, brainstormers, thinkers, idealists, builders, and makers.  We strive to disseminate our products, services, and useful information.

How We Work
You tell us. It's kind of like "You tell us what to make, and we'll make it." Not really, though... It's more like "You tell us what to make, and we'll help you make it if we can and think that it's a good idea."

Not like this: "Make me a pet unicorn!"
In response to that request, Deltik issued the following suggestion: "The Deltik Organization regrets to inform you that we do not have the resources to make you a pet unicorn. Instead, we have a suggestion for you to be able to model a unicorn: try inserting a knife or dagger through the head of a horse, preferably an already dead one. That way, you can see the basic physical features of a unicorn without actually having one."

But like this: "You know what? I am really annoyed by immature people. What can you do about them?"
Then Deltik would procede thusly: "Dealing with immaturity by yourself is something that isn't established in the world today and could be a huge help to society if everyone knew what to do. We have taken your idea of surviving immature people, and now, we have our unconventional Psychology team working on a fix for you. It's doable; we think that we can cure immaturity."

We make stuff too: "I would like an interface to create online practice tests for my students."
And Deltik to the rescue!: "There are already graphical assessment generators out there, such as the Quiz activity module of the Moodle Course Management System, but we feel that such tools existing today could be redesigned to be better. That is why we founded and support Kweshuner Quiz Script, our way of generating assessments."

Deltik wouldn't function without good people backing it. We can't do everything by ourselves, so we let you take command of your own designs and projects. Well, why even bother if you just take over yourself?
  • You get to control how your projects are developed, so there's no way Deltik can misinterpret exactly what you want.
  • You get backing from Deltik. Deltik will give personal-level support for the fantastic contraptions that you design and build.
  • There is also a community right here to help you or receive help from you. Yes, it's this central location called Deltik.
  • Deltik provides the resources for you to easily deploy many of your completed products.
  • You might be surprised at how many people want to use some ingenious thing you create. Deltik can help get the word out to people.

Enough Text for Now
We maintain a Wikipedia-style documentation site that amasses whatever is inside Deltik. For more information, see Deltik Docs.
You could also browse the navigation pane just to see what's around.
Off you go! Explore the realm of Deltik!
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